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Industry Annual Conference

2020 Virtual Educational Session Presentations

Direction of CRDF: David Howard, Chairman of the CRDF

Kaolin Red Clay and Psyllid Control: Dr. Christopher Vincent, Univeristy of Florida/IFAS

Reducing Psyllids Improves Tree Health Even When Trees Have HLB – IPM Approaches: Dr. Lukasz Stelinski

Citrus Outlook Update: Dr. Marisa Zansler

Update from USDA/ARS Focusing on a Broader Definition of Citrus, Oak Leaf Extract and Rootstocks
Taxonomic Revisions in Citrus and Why They Matter: Dr. Ed Stover, USDA/ARS
Update on Therapeutics: Dr. Robert Shatters, USDA/ARS

Grower Panel
David Howard, Graves Brothers
Brandon Page, CRDF
Larry Black, Peace River Packing Co.
Rob Atchley, DUDA
Daniel Scott, Scott Citrus Management

The Latest from CRAFT: Kristen Carlson & Tamara Wood