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Florida Citrus Mutual Mission Statement: Florida Citrus Mutual is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the future of our grower members.

The Florida citrus industry is at a challenging point in its history. Citrus greening and canker, immigration reform, falling OJ consumption and foreign juice dumping are just a few of the serious issues facing the Florida citrus grower.

So it is more important than ever to have a strong voice as these and other issues are debated at the local, state and federal level. Florida Citrus Mutual provides that unified voice.

Formed in 1948, Mutual has served the Florida citrus grower for more than 60 years. Led by a board of 21 member-elected directors, Mutual is the largest cooperative association dedicated to helping Florida citrus growers produce and market their crops at a profit. We’re looking out for the best interest of the growers every day, whether it is in the halls of Congress or the groves of Florida’s citrus belt.

Mutual members receive a wealth of inside information about their industry that they can’t obtain anywhere else through a number of proprietary publications and our website – www.flcitrusmutual.com. And our professional staff is second to none.

Please take a moment to glance through our website which gives a glimpse of what Florida Citrus Mutual does each day, and what we can offer you as a member of Florida’s premier citrus organization.

Do not hesitate to contact Mutual with any questions or concerns at (863) 682-1111 or info@flcitrusmutual.com.

Below is a brief rundown of Mutual’s various divisions.


Ecomonics & Market Info

Grower Affairs

Legislative Affairs