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Citrus Seasons

Hamlin Orange

An early season orange. Medium size, round to oval shape, deep yellow to orange color with a smooth, thin peel. Usually seedless. Great for eating.

Navel Orange

Extra large size, deep yellow color, usually seedless. May be peeled and sectioned easily. A favorite “hand-eating” orange.

Pineapple Orange

Mid-season orange. Medium to large size, round to oval, deep orange color. Pebbly peel, has some seeds. Acclaimed for its juicy sweetness.

Temple Orange

Medium to large size, deep orange color, oval shape. Sometimes pebbly skin. Few seeds. An excellent eating orange. Peels easily.

Valencia Orange

A late season orange. Medium to large size. Smooth, thin peel, oval shape and deep orange color. Extra sweet and easy to eat. A good juice orange. Usually seedless or no more than six seeds.


A tangerine-grapefruit hybrid. Skin usually thin and either smooth or slightly bumpy. Some seeds. Easily separated into sections.


Small or medium size. Flat at ends. Medium orange to red color with a few seeds. Zipper skin fruit. Peels and sections easily.

Duncan Grapefruit

Large size, pale yellow color, often tinged with green or russet. Usually thin skinned with cluster of seeds. Excellent flavor.

Red Grapefruit

Small to large size. Smooth yellow skin. Segments have characteristic pink to reddish tinge. Few seeds.

Marsh White Grapefruit

Small to large size. Usually flattened at both ends. Skin is smooth, thin and yellow. White flesh, nearly seedless.