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Federal Political Action Committee

Florida Citrus Mutual Federal Political Action Committee

The Fed PAC was established to encourage the protection and enhancement of individual constitutional liberties; to encourage the protection and development of the democratic system of government and the private enterprise system in the United States; to promote economy in government spending; to encourage the reduction or elimination of unnecessary government regulations; to encourage action against the causes of inflation; and to promote a political climate conducive to a viable citrus industry.

The Fed PAC is non-partisan and is funded with contributions from authorized grower members and allied industry representatives.

Contributions to the Fed PAC are used strictly in support of candidates for federal elective office or political committees supporting political candidates in accordance with the By-Laws of the Fed PAC as administered by the Fed PAC Board of Directors.

The Fed PAC Board of Directors is appointed annually by the FCM Board of Directors and is made up of growers members from across the state. The Fed PAC Board annually elects an Executive Committee to administer the PAC according to the By-Laws.

The Fed PAC can only make contributions to federal officeholders and federal candidates for the United States Congress and their leadership PACs, and to other federal candidates and their leadership PACs. Eligible federal officeholders and candidates are those who promote good federal government on behalf of all taxpayers, citrus growers, rural families and the agricultural interests of the state of Florida as determined through interviews and reviews of voting records conducted by the Fed PAC Board of Directors.

The Fed PAC is prohibited from giving to political parties, political party PACs, federal PACs that are not leadership PACs, 527 groups and other entities not designated in the Fed PAC By-Laws.

For more information about the Fed PAC please contact Kevin Metheny, Fed PAC Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, at (863) 682-1111 or via email at kevinm@flcitrusmutual.com