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Congressman Steve Southerland

Congressman Steve Southerland

Despite not having any commercial citrus in his panhandle District, Representative Southerland is a big supporter of our industry. He most certainly understands the importance of our crop, agriculture and natural resources in general to the state of Florida.

Steve has served two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives from the 2nd District. He currently sits on the House Committee on Natural Resources and the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure each of which plays a critical role in protecting jobs, promoting economic development, and preserving the state’s treasured resources.

One of the tenets of Steve’s time in office is expanding personal freedom by shrinking the size of government while fueling the engine of free enterprise through lower taxes and fewer onerous D.C. regulations.

He was absolutely critical in obtaining the $125 million in research funding as part of the 2014 Farm Bill. He served on the all-important House-Senate Conference Committee which pieced together the final version of the bill. Steve was a bulldog making sure citrus research remained in the measure and didn’t fall victim to last minute deal making. He even told Chairman Frank Lucas and Congressman Dave Camp he would not vote for the bill if it did not contain citrus research funding. Talk about leadership!

As the owner of Southerland Family Funeral Homes, a third generation small business in Panama City, Steve understands job creation and the challenges faced by small businesses. This helps shape all of his policy decision. He has been married to his lovely wife Susan for 25 years and they have four daughters. That job sounds tougher than Congress for sure!

In November, Rep. Southerland will run for his third term against several opponents including Gwen Graham, daughter of former Florida Governor Bob Graham. She should be a formidable opponent but we are confident the voters of the 2nd District will see what a great job Steve has done and will send him back to Washington, D.C. Florida Citrus Mutual supports a vote for Rep. Southerland and you should too.