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Grassroots Email Network

Florida Citrus Mutual maintains an e-mail based grassroots network so the organization can get information or calls to action out to members expeditiously. The list was compiled to ensure the citrus industry’s voice is heard during the decision making process in Tallahassee or Washington, D.C.

What is a grassroots network?

Grassroots networks are devoted to increasing political involvement by organizing a group of people who share similar views on political issues facing their industry.

Why is a grassroots network important for the citrus industry?

Grassroots organizing is playing an increasingly important role in the legislative process. Legislators want to hear from the people whose lives they affect. Citrus growers and allied industries must work together to make their voices heard.

What do we hope to accomplish?

We would like to ensure that the citrus industry is heard as a collective voice. By becoming part of the team, grassroots members from each citrus producing county become key contacts for the grassroots program. With a grassroots professional’s assistance, these key contacts will work with their district’s legislators in order to bring attention to issues affecting the Florida citrus industry.

What will a member of the e-mail network have to do?

How active a member will be depends on the member. Members will be updated on legislative and regulatory issues through e-mail blasts and special call-to-action notices. They will be asked to take part in writing their legislators an e-mail based on information provided by Mutual.

To Join Mutual’s E-mail Network Send an e-mail with your name and company to info@flcitrusmutual.com