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One of Florida Citrus Mutual’s core responsibilities is protecting Florida citrus growers from trade-related threats. As an organization that represents growers who produce a global commodity, it is essential Mutual engages policymakers and regulators to assist them in crafting trade policies that are fair and equitable.

In recent years Florida Citrus Mutual has secured significant trade victories. On one front, Mutual has worked hard to successfully preserve the FCOJ tariff. The tariff ensures Florida growers are on an equal playing field with their Brazilian counterparts who enjoy a fraction of the labor costs and regulatory oversight. A domestic food source such as Florida citrus is too important not to be protected by a tariff.

Mutual has also been successful in convincing the International Trade Commission (ITC) that the Brazilians have dumped orange juice in the United States at less than fair market value. The anti-dumping case not only brought a gross trade injustice to light but it also helped bring stability back to a market that was suffering from chronic low prices and grower losses. Thanks in part to the order, the situation has turned around, and we have been able to focus more on greening and other challenges.