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In December of 2004 a coalition consisting of Florida Citrus Mutual and a group of Florida-based orange juice processors, representing the majority of the domestic growing and processing orange juice industry, petitioned the U.S. government for antidumping duties to offset the unfair prices offered by Brazilian processors on both bulk frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) and not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice.

In January of 2006 the US Department of Commerce ruled that Brazilian processors were dumping Frozen Concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) and Not-From-Concentrate (NFC) orange juice, by the price margins of 10 – 60% of the export value of the juice. Imports of NFC and FCOJ were ordered to be assessed an antidumping deposit upon entry into the U.S.
The dumping order has since been lifted; however, FCM continues to analyze trade data to ensure Brazilian exporters are playing by the rules.

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