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FAWN: Florida Automated Weather Network

What is FAWN?

When scheduling irrigation, it is important to have good rainfall and temperature data. In Florida, one of the best sources of up-to-date weather information is the FAWN weather network on the internet. FAWN stands for Florida Automated Weather Network and is available at http://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu. It provides weather information from a number of locations throughout the state at 15-minute intervals. Many of the weather collection points are at the various research and education centers (RECs) or Extension offices around the state. The sites are listed in Table 1 and shown in Fig. 1. New FAWN sites are added periodically. FAWN provides data on air and soil temperatures, rainfall, dewpoint, relative humidity, windspeed, wind direction, and radiation. Air temperatures are measured at 2, 6, and 30 foot heights, and soil temperature is measured at a 4-inch depth. It also indicates maximum and minimum values of several parameters. The mission of FAWN is to provide accurate and timely rural weather data to a variety of users.

Visit the FAWN Website at http://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/