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AgroSource Stands Behind the FireLine™ & FireWall™ Program for HLB

AgroSource – August 15, 2018

Tequesta, FL August 15, 2018 – AgroSource has tested and validated FireLine and FireWall performance against HLB in Florida Citrus for six years. Our results, together with data reported previously by CRDF and commercial grower experience have shown 15-17% yield improvement when FireLine and FireWall are used according to AgroSource recommendations.

AgroSource has consistently provided clear recommendations on the importance of adjuvant selection and use in the FireLine & FireWall Program for HLB. It is AgroSource’s understanding that in year-1, a large portion of CRDF trials did not use recommended adjuvants with FireWall and FireLine. AgroSource advises against using FireLine and FireWall without a recommended adjuvant for HLB, as our data shows inconsistent performance without recommended adjuvants.

AgroSource believes the report from CRDF President Larry Black in Citrus Industry News on August 14, 2018 (published online) raises several critical issues. As reported, CRDF implies that all trial sites for year-1 and year-2 were analyzed together, disregarding important, common-sense distinctions between sites.

Therefore, the following questions regarding the analysis of CRDF data must be addressed to interpret fully these data:

• Can CRDF confirm if the recommended adjuvants were used in all FireWall and FireLine treatments on which they base their conclusions?

• Has CRDF analyzed their data based on adjuvant used? Specifically, did CRDF separate the analysis of sites where the recommended adjuvants were used?

• Has CRDF analyzed these data by product? Specifically, was an analysis done separating products (e.g. the AgroSource FireLine and FireWall program with recommended adjuvants compared to their respective untreated controls)?

• Why was year-2 data mixed with year-1 data for analysis as Hurricane Irma impacted the whole state of Florida? For instance, it stands to reason that trees with more foliage and fruit would be more adversely affected by high winds, therefore, data from year-2 may have been confounded by the storm.

• Why hasn’t the CRDF shared these data with the growers so that they can come to their own conclusions regarding the value of these products within their own businesses?

AgroSource has predicted and communicated the fact that adjuvant type and use dramatically impacts FireLine and FireWall performance against HLB. Our goal has been to ensure the citrus industry has this information to optimize FireLine and Firewall performance. FireLine and FireWall remain today the best option citrus growers have that directly combats HLB, when used as specified by the AgroSource Program. For more detailed information, please contact Bo Meador at (863) 673-0727/ sales@agrosource.net, or visit www.agrosource.net.