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Cold Weather Affecting Florida Farmers

Central Florida News 13 – February 2, 2009

WINTER PARK — The cold week ahead in Central Florida not only has homeowners scrambling to cover their plants, but it is also affecting people whose plants are their way of life.

Vendors at the Winter Park Farmers’ Market said they were being cautious of the cold, and their produce Saturday morning showed little to no signs of damage.

Still, vendors said the cold weather means their fruits and vegetables do not ripen quite as quickly, and that could create a shortage, and in turn cause the price of produce to climb.

Local buyers and farmers said the cold snap may not have caught up to the produce yet, but they expect to see the effects of the chillier temperatures in the next few weeks.

Some fruits and vegetables like cooler temperatures. Vendors said as long as temperatures do not reach the freezing mark, cooler weather can help fruits and vegetables last longer.

Local buyers at the farmers’ market told News 13 the best buys in this weather were citrus and strawberries.

Sales so far this season have been good, considering the economy, vendors at the farmers’ market told News 13.

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