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International Conference on Huanglongbing

Hosted by Florida Citrus Mutual & Sponsored in part by FCPRAC

December 1-5, 2008

Over the past decade, Huanglongbing (HLB) has spread to, and is increasing in, the western hemisphere and continues to increase to near pandemic proportions throughout the citrus-producing areas of the world. Major citrus production areas presently without HLB are experiencing the introduction and spread of the disease’s psyllid vector(s). The globalization of the disease and its vector places all citrus production worldwide at increased risk. Key elements which exacerbate the probability of pathogen and pest introduction are the continued increases in international trade and travel. Clearly, HLB has become a global issue that threatens the continued successful production of citrus.

Multiple local, regional and international workshops and meetings, including the 2005 International Citrus Canker and HLB Workshop in Orlando, have taken place over the last few years to address the HLB problem and are demonstrative of the continued and increasing need to find solutions to this devastating disease. Each meeting has added valuable increments to our better understanding the HLB puzzle.

The mission of this conference is to assemble the greatest number possible from the international research community, plus regulatory agency representatives, and commercial industry leaders with specific expertise on HLB for the express purpose to exchange the latest information, knowledge, ideas and concepts relative to HLB. We also want to provide a venue for increased international collaboration as well to deal with a disease that does not respect the political or physical boundaries of states or countries. Invited scientists and participants will be asked to reach beyond current information, thinking, scientific disciplines, and dogma in an attempt to broaden our global knowledge, provide new researchable goals and horizons and foster progress toward new and innovative solutions to HLB.

The theme of this International Research Conference on Huanglongbing is Reaching Beyond Boundaries, indicating our determination and need to reach beyond political, scientific and national boundaries in an attempt to find commercially feasible solutions to this devastating disease.

Sponsored in part by the Florida Citrus Production Research Advisory Council, Florida Specialty Crop Foundation, Cutrale Citrus Growers USA, Inc., the Texas Citrus Producers Board, and Sunkist Growers.