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In the event of a potential major freeze, Florida Citrus Mutual staff will be in the field and in contact with growers throughout the state to monitor temperatures and conditions.

Florida Citrus Mutual maintains a weather phone line for forecasts and freeze predictions. The weather phone line after hours is 863-682-1111 ext. 805. During business hours just ask the receptionist for ext. 805.

For more information contact Rusty Wiygul, Director of Grower Affairs, at 863-682-1111 or via email at rustyw@flcitrusmutual.com.

Mutual Members and media can now follow @FLCITRUSMUTUAL on Twitter for updates and reports on major weather events.

Overnight temperatures and other weather-related information can be found on the following sites, among others.

*Florida Automated Weather Network – FAWN
*National Weather Service
*The Weather Channel